Sedaget Nasib

Hereditary psychic from the kind of Seyids conducts sessions in Latin (the ancient language, which is owned by the Most High and the Light Forces)


Your privacy is protected. Sessions are payable.

What People Talk About Sedaget Nasib

Thank you very much, my favorite psychic! I earned my self-esteem. Now I have no doubts about what I start to do. And most importantly, my confidence in myself has added beauty to my beauty 🙂

Mələklər Mələyi

Melekler Meleyi

I did not believe in such things as fortune teller or others. However, Sedaget Nasib has become almost the closest friend to me in my life.

Günay Əliyeva

Gunay Aliyeva

Incredibly strong person! We cann`t count what Sayyid Sadagat Khanum may to do with her skills. Personally I love her for her helps. He took me forward in all my works. Therefore, I urge you to take advantage of his advice.

Gasanova Aygun

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